Thursday, September 15, 2011

bygga koja leka affär

Last week Yvonne and I started to work with Verkstad. But somehow it doesn't feel as if we are working, more as though we've found an abandoned playground/house where people has left weird things like art work and tools. We rearranged "the office" - Yvonne said to me: "I'm sorry but it feels like were building a treehouse".

When I was a child I lived in the countryside. (Our adress was Alebackstorp, Lilla Ykullen - if you'd translate it word-for-word the English name would be "Cottage of the Alder Tree, The Little Why Hill"). We had a huge barn where my sister and our friends performed different kind of role play. We often played hotel, restaurant our just "family". I even made a telephone directory and drew maps for our role playing, like a proof of that our imaginary worlds existed for real.

Being at Verkstad and doing something completely new that you've never done before stimulates me into role playing again. But I'm not exactly sure which part I play yet.